COVID-19 Cleaning Protocols


  • Enhanced cleaning
    Our staff members have increased cleaning and sanitization practices on surfaces and items.
  • Balls and rental shoes
    Balls and rental shoes are being cleaned and sanitized after each use.
  • Arcade Games
    Arcade game surfaces, buttons and handles are being cleaned and santised frequently.
  • Sanitizer Stations
    Hand sanitizer is available throughout the centre.
  • Safe Service Food & Beverage
    Food and beverages are being served in a safe manner.

Physical Distancing

  • Every Other Lane
    Our guests are being spaced out such that only every other lane will be used.
  • Maximum Capacity
    We are allowing a maximum of 50 guests in the centre at any given time.
  • Directional Signage
    Pilons and signage indicates distancing guidelines.
  • Arcade Games
    Games are spread apart to allow more distancing.

Bowling Rules

  • Contact Tracing
    We are collecting the contact information of all bowlers upon entry to the building.
  • Limit Per Lane
    We are allowing a maximum of 6 people per lane at a time.
  • Ball Selection
    Players will be given disposable gloves to test and select which ball they wish to use.
  • Ball Usage
    Each player must use only one ball per visit. Players are not allowed to share balls.
  • Leave Balls & Shoes
    Leave your balls and shoes at your lane when you are finished so staff can clean, sanitize, and put them away.