League Services


Locker Rentals

Burlington Bowl offers year-long locker rentals to its league bowlers. If some storage space in our bowling centre would benefit you, then renting a locker might be an ideal solution. Forget the hassles of lugging your ball and shoes with you to the centre everytime you bowl!

Regulations and payment information:

  • Annual locker rental is $53.10 plus HST per year
  • Locker rental is valid from September 1 to August 31 of each year
  • A one time REFUNDABLE Locker Key Deposit of $20.00/key is required
  • If you are sharing a locker, EACH person must have a locker key
  • Only personal bowling related equipment may be stored in any locker
  • A maximum of 2 bowling balls may be stored in any locker
  • Locker rental can be paid by VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Cash or Debit Card at the Customer Service Centre

If you are interested in renting a locker for the first time, or if you are already renting a locker and want to renew it, visit our Customer Service Desk or call us at 905-681-2727.